White roofs

Heat-reflective waterproof membrane
for flat roofs

Features of CoolRoof

  1. Waterproofing

    CoolRoof, thanks to its liquid application, does not require any joints and makes your roof perfectly waterproof

  2. Thermoregulation

    CoolRoof reflects infrared rays, giving you an effective thermal barrier against overheating in summer

  3. Energy saving

    CoolRoof allows you to reduce your energy costs by an average of 40%.

Why CoolRoof?

Why CoolRoof?

  1. It offers a 10-year guarantee
  2. It makes it easier to renovate your roof and bring it up to energy standards
  3. It extends the life of your roof
  4. It ensures a better quality of life for the occupants of your building

Beneficial impact on the environment

  • Reducing the heat island effect in cities and industrial areas
  • Combats air pollution and smog formation
  • Reduction in the amount of toxic waste from roofing renovation
Energy and financial savings

Energy and financial savings

CoolRoof reduces the temperature of the roof surface by ≈ 38 °C, thus reducing the heat transmitted into the building. This not only reduces energy costs for air conditioning and improves indoor comfort, but also reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the roof.

Protects nature

Protects nature

The urban heat island effect results in a measurable increase in urban air temperature, mainly due to the replacement of vegetation by heat absorbing and storing buildings, roads and other infrastructure. The heat island effect can lead to significant temperature differences between rural and urban areas.

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The CoolRoof membrane, compared to conventional pavements, is both waterproof and breathable. Thanks to its seamless application and its elastomeric structure combined with ceramic particles, the membrane has no weak points. It will not crack.
On a roof to be renovated: joints, edges, existing tears and areas at risk of seepage are reinforced beforehand with a geotextile and an additional layer for an optimal result. Once cured, the surface remains elastic and waterproof. Even in extreme heat or cold, or in dry or wet conditions. The CoolRoof membrane will remain optimal for up to 25 years according to EOTA standards.

How CoolRoof works

The CoolRoof surface offers high reflectivity (the ability to reflect visible, infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun). sunlight, thus reducing surface heating) and optimal heat dissipation (ability to emit heat) emitting the absorbed heat), which reduces the roof temperature by ≈ 38°C


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  • Can I walk or put a table and chairs on after the application of the cool roof?

    Yes, thanks to its high resistance, the membrane allows foot traffic and can be adapted to heavy traffic. It also allows for the installation of various domestic equipment.

  • Do I have to remove the existing roofing to apply cool roof?

    No, our membrane has the advantage of being able to be applied to any existing roof (Roofing, EPDM, metal, etc).

  • Is CoolRoof breathable?

    Yes, the aliphatic polyurethane coating is specially designed to allow the building to breathe unlike traditional roofing.

  • Can CoolRoof be applied on a sloping roof?

    Yes, CoolRoof can be applied on a maximum slope of 25%.

  • What kind of maintenance is required for CoolRoof?

    No maintenance is required during the 10-year warranty. You can benefit from a 15-year guarantee through a maintenance contract whereby our technical partner will perform an annual inspection of the roof.

  • Can I apply CoolRoof if I have plants on my roof?

    We use the Maris Polymers range for green roofs. If you have plants in pots, they can be replaced after the application.

  • Can rainwater that falls on the CoolRoof be collected and used?

    Yes, the product is neutral in contact with water.