Self-cleaning effect on the glass

Invisible nanotechnology coating

  1. Ecological

    Made exclusively from natural ingredients, it effectively contributes to air purification by removing nitrogen oxides from our environment.

  2. Durable

    After treatment, the coating crystallises and becomes stronger than the glass itself. Its effectiveness is recognised for more than 20 years.

  3. Clean windows

    Thanks to photocatalysis, the treated glass no longer requires maintenance and becomes self-cleaning.

A cost-effective solution

  • 20% savings

    On average, 20% of a company's property maintenance budget is spent on washing windows and other glass surfaces. With normal cleaning, after a few days the dirt will reappear on the windows. In addition, the window cleaner is dependent on the weather conditions: in case of bad weather the cleaning of the glass surfaces will be impossible. This instability leads to additional costs for the operation of the building

  • Clean 25 years

    ShineOn™ requires only one application. It is effective on all glass surfaces. It is effective on all glass surfaces, regardless of age, as well as on photovoltaic panels. Thanks to its self-cleaning effect, the treated surfaces will be constantly clean.

Le polissage du verre permet de garantir une performance et une fiabilité maximale du revêtement. Ce lissage rendra la surface traitée plus lumineuse et plus brillante.

Le polissage du verre permet de garantir une performance et une fiabilité maximale du revêtement. Ce lissage rendra la surface traitée plus lumineuse et plus brillante.

Our specialists treat the glass in two stages. The glass is chemically polished to remove microscopic irregularities from the glass surface. After polishing, the photocatalytic coating is applied. Unlike films and other coatings, ShineOn™ changes the surface of the glass and makes it perform better

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Polishing the glass ensures maximum performance and reliability of the coating. This smoothing will make the treated surface brighter and more brilliant.

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Scientific evidence

Scientific evidence

The Danish Technology Centre has monitored and confirmed the effectiveness of the ShineOn™ technology under various climatic conditions as well as in the laboratory. In accordance with the European standard NMP3-CT-2003-505952, ShineOn™ is the only after-treatment that can be categorized as self-cleaning.
By clicking on this link, you will find their report in its original version[1] as well as its translation into French[2] . You will also find all the safety data of the product, in their original version[3] and in French[4].

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  • Is it possible to apply ShineOn™ technology to the glass at the factory before installation on site?

    Yes, it is perfectly possible. However, in order to ensure the highest quality treatment, it is best to apply the product after installation

  • Is there any effect on the properties of the glass - transparency, colour - after the application of ShineOn™?

    No, on the contrary, the glass surface will be even brighter.

  • Is ShineOn™ technology applicable to solar/photovoltaic panels?

    Yes, the application is even easier there. In addition, the photocatalytic effect keeps the panels clean, so the panels will gain in efficiency.

  • Does ambient temperature affect the performance or life of ShineOn™?

    No, ShineOn™ will remain on the glass after application and crystallization. The coating becomes unaffected by freezing and high temperatures.

  • ShineOn™ has a 10 year warranty, will I have to reapply for treatment after this period?

    No, while the warranty is for 10 years, its effectiveness is rated at 25 years.