Turn a building into an energy source

Environmental Responsibility of Sunage

  1. Up to 100% energy savings

  2. Reducing CO2 emissions

  3. Absolutely environmentally friendly process

  4. Durability and efficiency

Benefits of Sunage

  1. Guaranteed service life 30 years
  2. Free green energy
  3. Return on investment after 10 years
  4. Not subject to deformation
  5. Best photovoltaic efficiency
  6. Uncompromising performance and results
  1. Shock resistant (up to 8000 Pa)
  2. Dust and sand resistant
  3. Fireproof (class A)
  4. Heat resistant (up to 80°C)
  5. Resistant to temperature changes
  6. Cold resistance (down to -20°C)

Revolutionary technology

  • Custom

    created for any
    facades and roofs

  • Up to 100%

    saving on energy
    using Sunage

  • 10 years to payback

    Unlike conventional facades, Sunage will actually pay for itself and will recoup its value in 10 years

Custom textures

Sunage can produce panels with any texture to match each specific building. Also can be used for historical buildings.

Ready solutions

Choose from 18 material textures and 18 solid colors to
perfectly adapt the urban context.

Modular forms of your choice

Очищает воздух

Suncol Facade

Covering the entire façade of a building without aesthetic and structural design constraints.
With an endless variety of colors, sizes and finishing options, you can create your own energy-efficient façade.

Available Dimensions:
Max: 2000 x 3000 mm Min: 200 x 300 mm In free version or as models made of catalogue.

Подходит для многих материалов

Suncol Puzzle

Modular system of mounting blocks for creating own architectural facade. From combinations of selected colors, sizes and finishes create your own façade composition. In free execution or in the form of models from catalogue.

Очищает воздух

Suncol Tiles

Make every roof energy efficient surface that fits perfectly into the building. construction. Combine colors, sizes and finishing to create your own energy roof.

Absolute freedom of design choice

We make architectural durability visually elegant. We turn any architecture into a complex active-energy surfaces without aesthetic compromises.

A result we are proud of

  • 30+ years

    Many years of service life at full power.
    After 30 years the energy productivity may only decrease by 20%.

  • 200WP/M2

    Maximum Power/Watts Peak


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  • In which country is Sunage produced?

    Sunage's design and production is located in Switzerland.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price of Sunage depends on the model. Panels with your own design will cost more if you standard panels are suitable, then it will be cheaper. Contact us and we will calculate price.

  • Are there simple/classic photovoltaic panels in the catalogue?

    Yes, we also have classic photovoltaic panels with high efficiency.

  • Is it possible to print your own design on the panel?

    Yes, the panel can print images, logos and illustrations in any size.

  • Can Sunage BIPV be installed in existing buildings?

    Yes, the Suncol line is suitable for cladding existing buildings.

  • Do you supply batteries and inverters?

    Yes, through our partners.