insulating coating

for the inner surface of the glazing

Features of SunLight Seal

  1. Transparency

    SunLight Seal is a transparent liquid based on nanotechnology. It does not change the light characteristics of your glass surfaces

  2. Thermal Insulation

    SunLight Seal reflects infrared rays, giving you an effective thermal barrier against overheating in summer and heat loss in winter

  3. Energy saving

    SunLight Seal allows you to reduce your energy costs by an average of 35

The benefits of SunLight Seal

  1. Stops fading
  2. Scratch resistant
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Water repellent
  5. Antibacterial effect
  6. Corrosion resistant and non-flammable
  7. 10 year guarantee
  1. High energy saving
  2. Perfect adhesion to glass
  3. Wear-resistant and durable
  4. Anti-graffiti effect
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Very high hardness
  7. Ultra-thin and transparent
Barrier against IR and UV radiation

Barrier against IR and UV radiation

The special feature of SunLight Seal is its ability to block 99% of UV rays and 95% of IR rays, without affecting the natural light transmission of your windows.
Invisible, SunLight Seal allows natural light to penetrate while blocking UV rays, which are responsible for the discoloration of your objects, fabrics, furniture, etc.

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The application of SunSeal Coating is done in two steps:

The application of SunSeal Coating is done in two steps:

Our technicians carefully prepare the glass surface before applying the product. SunLight Seal is applied to the clean glass with a special roller. The product will enter a crystallization phase for 3 days.

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Control and safety standards

Control and safety standards

SunLight Seal is an innovative liquid product, developed in the Netherlands, based on nanotechnology. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe for your health. Its ten-year guarantee is proof of the seriousness of its commitments. SunLight Seal is ISO 9050/DIN, EN 410 and V.C.A. certified. All analysis, quality, performance and compliance tests were carried out by the S.G.S. Laboratory.

How it works

SunLight Seal is invisible and allows natural light to penetrate while blocking UV rays. It also blocks most infrared rays by reflecting them:


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  • Is SunLight Seal suitable for all types of windows?

    As long as the surface is made of glass, the coating can be applied to any type of window and respects its intrinsic brightness and characteristics. Regardless of size, shape, colour or surface, all your windows can benefit from this treatment.

  • How much does the treatment cost?

    The cost of applying SunLight Seal is less than the cost of solar film, which is incomparably effective and has a considerably shorter life span.

  • How many years does the treatment work?

    SunLight Seal is guaranteed for 10 years. Although the coating does not degrade and its beneficial effect does not disappear overnight, we recommend that you repeat the application after this period in order to benefit from optimal quality.

  • Is there a risk of erasing the treatment?

    No, after crystallisation, the product is stable and you can maintain your windows. Thanks to its properties, this maintenance will be even easier.

  • Is there any effect on the properties of the glass - transparency, colour - after applying SunSeal Coating?

    SunSeal Coating reduces the transparency by 5%, which is invisible to the eye.