New generation
of paint

Turn your walls into natural
air purifiers.

Airlite's environmental responsibility

  1. Closed production cycle

  2. Reduced CO2 emissions

  3. 100% renewable energy

  4. Tree equivalent effect

A result we are proud of

  • 100m2 of airlite,

    reduces air pollution as effectively as 100m2 of planted mature trees.

  • The equivalent of < 1,800,000 trees

    The ecological effect that the surface painted with airlite actually has.

Effect against viruses

Effect against viruses

The interior paint has been laboratory proven to have anti-viral properties and reduces coronavirus levels by < 99% in just 15 minutes.

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Breathing in a healthy environment

Breathing in a healthy environment

We now spend up to 80% of our lives indoors where, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the air can be five to ten times more toxic than outdoor air.
And according to the United Nations, Airlite is one of four cutting-edge technologies to combat air pollution in the world

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  • What is the finish?

    Airlite is a flat matt finish (similar to Farrow & Ball).

  • Do you use a primer?

    Yes. Airlite has a primer to ensure colour density. The single coat finish provides the benefits of the product.

  • How is the product supplied?

    Airlite undercoat and topcoat are supplied in 5-10 litre pots. On which surfaces can Airlite be used? Airlite can be applied to almost any surface - provided it is prepared (cleaned and treated).

  • Is it washable?

    Due to its powdery, dirt-repellent nature, Airlite is not recommended for washing. The best way to remove stains is by scrubbing.

  • How long does it last?

    Due to its cement base, Airlite lasts longer than normal paint and naturally repels dust and dirt due to its natural hydrophilic properties.

  • Does Airlite saturate with pollution or stop working?

    The air purification lasts as long as there is paint on the walls - our first application was in the Umberto tunnel in Rome in 2007 and is still working perfectly in 2020

  • Does airlite have a smell?

    No. Since Airlite does not contain VOCs, it is odourless and can be applied in rooms without ventilation.

  • Can Airlite be applied over other paints?

    Yes, if the paint is clean and grease free and using the primer.

  • Can Airlite be overcoated?

    Airlite can be overpainted like a normal paint, but the active benefits will be permanently lost.

  • What are the requirements to 'make it work'?

    Airlite only requires light energy

  • How much does it cost?

    Airlite is priced like a quality or environmentally friendly paint and is significantly cheaper than other air purification technologies.